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About Josh Herman

As a kid growing up in New York City, I never intended on becoming an artist. My interests in younger years revolved around playing sports and pursuing the family business, Wall Street. It wasn’t until 1987, when I transferred to Pitzer College in Claremont, California, that I stumbled upon a pottery class taught by Paul Soldner (April 24, 1921— January 3, 2011) the father of American – style raku and leader of the 1950’s ceramic revolution. Soldner’s methodology centered around embracing the accident and experimentation, tenets which inspire my work to this day and narrate my progression as an artist.

My life in Southern California introduced me to the Midcentury Modernist aesthetic, while advanced ceramic studies in Japan sparked my respect for Eastern principles, both central to my artistic process. I’ve been deeply guided by Hakomi, an experiential, mindfulness-based therapy rooted in Taoism. This discipline focuses on paying attention to what you’re experiencing in any given moment. In relation to ceramics, this process allows me to focus on the clay and interpret the final form as the clay reveals itself.

Clay has a language, a way of conveying its limitations and strengths. I tune into this dialogue in my attempt to connect with my material and create a natural progression, embracing experimentation and unexpected results. The Volcanic Glazes I’ve developed over many years, heighten this unexpected quality and are a great example of how controlled volatility, balanced with attention to organic expression, can produce harmonious results. As an artist, I investigate how the natural processes of clay making can access deeper levels of my conscious and unconscious psyche through improvisational abstract construction.

The Studio

Josh Herman Ceramics is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Barrio Logan, San Diego CA. A stone’s throw from downtown, the Barrio, diverse and exciting, is quickly becoming the epicenter for emerging artist studios and galleries in San Diego.

On any given day the studio is abuzz with throwing, casting, sculpting, glazing, and packing shipments to send out all around the world. Josh can usually be found exploring silhouettes on the wheel, assembling new sculptural forms, or planning new future projects with designers and clients. We’ve procured a great warehouse for our studio with lots of wonderful light, vibrant energy, and plenty of space for experimentation.

We are located at 2295 National Avenue. To schedule an appointment or visit please contact

Commissions & Collaborations

Josh Herman Ceramics is available for custom work for individual collectors, designers, businesses, and those looking for the perfect, unique gift. Feel free to contact us to discuss a custom Josh Herman project.


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Studio Surface
Hotel Bel-Air
Trina Turk
Quotation MarkEach piece is fascinatingly appealing and uniquely different from the next due to these glazes having their own personalities. A great blending of artistry and chance!

Boomerang for Modern

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