"Josh's pieces are different because they radiate the love and care. He breathes soul into each one that he's doing. each one radiates its own little life."

Chris Wildman, Photographer




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Josh’s philosophy draws on Expressionism and a visceral relationship with nature. Josh’s work, process, and creative impetus are guided not by the cerebral realm, but by being in the body, by feeling and sensing versus thinking. He believes that we have lost our connection with the natural world, that we over-think everything—including art.

"We over-focus on thinking in this culture and I think it’s a big problem. Conceptual art, which drives people to think more, is a manifestation of this over-intellectualness. My work is about the opposite. It’s about feeling and the senses."

Josh uses clay as a vehicle for self-discovery and this is evident in his work. Sensual, organic, and tactile, his pottery and sculptures are a direct reflection of his perspective. Centered in the Hakomi tradition, an experiential, mindfulness-based therapy rooted in Taoism, allows Josh to stay focused on the work of drawing the form out of the clay. Josh embraces the accidental; flux and uncertainty are emblematic of the limitations of clay. Because of the difficulty of working with clay, Josh sees the often-unexpected results as some of his most creative moments. He believes that as the artist, he works in tandem with the clay and his signature glazes to create the final result. The artist as collaborator with his medium is central to his philosophy.

"I want my work to be a contribution on some level. It should not be trivial. I think having pottery in a living space makes a strong grounding statement about being in the physical world."

Josh’s work is a commentary on a more mindful way of living—a statement that he hopes will connect the public to their experiences, to feel and observe the world around them. In turn, he also hopes that his work gives viewers an opportunity to notice what they feel when in the presence of his vessels, objects, and sculptures. Expression, mindfulness, intuition, and sensuality are at the heart of Josh Herman’s philosophy and his work.

"There can be no fear of losing what was once planned and there must be an urge to grow along with the discovery of the unknown make no demands, expect nothing, follow no absolute plan, be secure in change, learn to accept another solution and, finally, prefer to gamble on your own intuition."

— Paul Soldner, Artist & Teacher

Textural and tactile, with his signature volcanic glazes and modern, natural forms, Josh Herman's one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels express a true collaboration between the artist and his medium.