"Josh's pieces are different because they radiate the love and care. He breathes soul into each one that he's doing. each one radiates its own little life."

Chris Wildman, Photographer




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Josh Herman’s process is one of discovery, interpretation, and gesture. Working with clay’s flexibility and limitations, Josh lets the material guide his decisions. Clean, bold lines, organic shapes, and balanced composition shows up in his smallest pots to his largest sculptures. Using intuition and guided by the mindfulness practice, Hakomi, Josh works to allow the clay to determine the form; he allows the piece to unfold into being. The end result is a combination of the language of the clay and Josh’s subconscious connection to the material.

The process is the thing for Josh Herman. He creates forms that elicit a visceral response, an emotion, rather than an intellection. He wants people to feel something, not think something when they discover his work. For Josh, the emotional response that his pottery and sculpture elicits is tied directly to his creation of the pieces.It’s an extension of his work.

Clay allows Josh to stay connected and rooted, and in turn, he wants his collectors and viewers to tap into the expressive and sensual nature of his forms through their senses, too.

Textural and tactile, with his signature volcanic glazes and modern, natural forms, Josh Herman's one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels express a true collaboration between the artist and his medium.