Affordable and collectible, the Josh Herman Studio collection consists of tea bowls, tubes, pods, centerpiece bowls, sculptural bottles and chalices. Using improvisational jazz, succulents, and fractals as just a few of his inspirations, Josh’s Studio pieces are made in limited quantities; each piece is hand-trimmed and hand-glazed, the resulting texture is determined by the firing process, making each piece unique.

Josh’s volcanic glaze often requires more than 100 iterations of a single color before he's achieved the desired effect. He uses the same proprietary volcanic glazing process on his Studio collection pieces that he uses on Fine Art sculptures.

Josh Herman Studio pieces look great in a grouping or as a single statement piece. Available in a wide range of colors and forms, Josh Herman Studio ceramics make excellent gifts, as well. Discover the organic beauty of Josh Herman Studio ceramics.

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All Josh Herman Studio pieces are available in all of our glazes.







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    Stahl House
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    Color Accent
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    Living Room Accessory
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    Pottery as Sculpture



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Textural and tactile, with his signature volcanic glazes and modern, natural forms, Josh Herman's one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels express a true collaboration between the artist and his medium.